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Ski and Snowboard

Explore the mountain, develop your skills and confidence with lessons from the Ski and Snowboarding experts at Ski Apache.

Please call 575-464-3607 for information and reservations (Private only).

Please note no refunds and times an availability are subject to change. Peak pricing applies during blackout/holiday event dates. Please call 575-464-3607 for more information.

Ski Apache Adaptive Sports

A continuum of services for individuals with disabilities is offered at Ski Apache. Ski Apache Adaptive Sports assists students with a permanent disability of all ages, to access the mountain in Alpine and Snowboarding disciplines. The program invites students from the regions’ schools, rehab programs, military bases, and families, to experience the wonders of winter’s most exciting sport. With the help of experienced certified instructors and specialized adaptive equipment as needed, we can get you on the snow!

For more information on Ski Apache Adaptive Sports and to make a reservation call 575-464-3193 or go to

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