Mountain Biking

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Ski Apache completed 5.5 miles of mountain biking trail.  The trail grade is between 6 and 8 percent (steepness) and travels under the majestic Sierra Blanca peak from the top of the gondola, back to the base area of Ski Apache.  All riders that plan on riding the gondola must fill out a waiver form at the ticket desk.

Download your release form here and bring it with you.

Code of Conduct

Mountain biking and hiking offer a range of challenges and adventures. Remember there are elements of risk in mountain biking and hiking that common sense and personal awareness can help to create a great trail experience for everyone. By mountain biking and hiking at Ski Apache Resort, trail users understand and acknowledge that mountain biking and hiking are hazardous sports with many inherent risks and assume all risks of personal injury as well as damage to or loss of property arising from participation in these sports.

  • Familiarize yourself with the trail and select routes within your ability level
  • When in doubt, walk your bike
  • Don’t ride or hike alone. Be prepared for emergencies
  • Area not patrolled. Be self-sufficient and aware of changing weather and terrain conditions. Water, tools, extra clothing, gloves, sturdy shoes and sunscreen are recommended
  • Always yield to vehicles, and uphill and slow riders
  • Obey all trail signs and markings and only ride or hike on designated mountain biking and hiking trails. Ride, don’t slide!
  • Notify the lift operator for first-aid assistance or call (575) 464 3600
  • Don’t stop where you obstruct a trail or are not visible to others
  • Respect the environment and wildlife
  • Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely


Mountain Bike Prices (DOES NOT include bike rental)
Adult Tickets Prices Child Tickets
(12 & under)
Adult All  Day $27.00 Child All Day $21.00
Adult All Day
Lunch Combo
$38.00 Child All Day
Lunch Combo
Adult Half Day $20.00 Child Half Day $15.00
Adult One Ride $15.00 Child One Ride $11.00

Guided Mountain Bike Tours

Level One: Beginner
First time or novice mountain bike rider who wants an intro to learning how to mountain bike safely.

Level Two: Intermediate
Has ridden and would like a tour of the terrain, features and pro tips to improve their skills.

Over ten miles of trails with challenges from the beginner to the most experienced rider. If you’ve never ridden our mountain, your bucket list isn’t complete. The trails start at 11,500 feet and drop in elevation to 9,600. Adrenaline junkies can push their personal limits on the challenges trails or you can soak in the views at a more relaxed pace on our leisure trails. We have something to offer for the whole family. Novices can learn the nuances of downhill mountain biking while intermediate and advanced riders will have the chance to improve their skills.

Call 575.464.3643 for reservations


Level 1:
Adult – $104/person
Child – $89/person

Level 2:
Adult – $114/person
Child – $99/person

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