Experience our cutting-edge snowmaking technology.  

Ski Apache uses a state-of-the-art snow machine to enhance our guest’s skiing and snowboarding experience. The snowmaker, called The Snowfactory, uses an innovative cooling technology that turns water into snow at any outdoor temperature, making it perfect for New Mexico’s warm climate. Commonly used at large European ski resorts, Ski Apache has one of two units currently operating in the United States. 

The Snowfactory can produce a high output of artificial snow around the clock and at temperatures up to 86℉ and with greater efficiency if the mercury falls below 59℉. Developed by TechnoAplin®, the machine just needs to be connected to a power source and water in order to produce high-quality snow, regardless of the outdoor conditions. It’s able to do this because the refrigeration circuit stays closed during the entire snowmaking process. The unit makes large, clean ice chips without any chemical additives, sending the resulting snow through a segmented hose, creating snow piles that melt about two-thirds slower than natural snow in warm conditions. 

Visit our premier ski resort to experience this incredible technology for yourself.