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Ski & Snowboard Levels

Ski Pole


Level 1


First timer? To start, you’ll want to learn the fundamentals of skiing:

  • Sliding
  • Stopping
  • Turning
  • Riding the lift


If this is your first time hitting the slopes, you’ll want to begin by learning the fundamentals:

  • Sliding
  • Traversing
  • Riding the lift
  • Proper Stance
  • Equipment
  • Reading terrain
  • Traversing to a stop
  • Avoiding hard falls

Let us help you nail down the basics so you can learn and grow to enjoy a lifetime of shredding the mountain.

Level 2


You’ve got the basics down and can ski in a cautious wedge on the easiest slopes. Next on the list:

  • Gain confidence and improve control
  • Learn linked and round wedge turns
  • Learn how to stop on green terrain


By now, you understand the fundamentals and know how to perform basic maneuvers with skidded traverses on toe and heel side, as well as skid from a traverse to a stop. Next up:

  • Develop tow and heel skills
  • Balance
  • Speed control

Level 3


At level 3, you should be able to ski with confidence on all green trails and be able to make round wedge turns.  Now it’s time to:

  • Execute parallel turning by gradually reducing the size of your wedge


At level three, you should be comfortable negotiating green terrain in a series of skidded traverses and cautious edge changes and elementary turns. Now it’s time to:

  • Begin linking turns
  • Varying your turn shape and size with rhythmic movements

Level 4


Now you can ski confidently on all green trails and ski cautiously on some blue trails. Your next goals to conquer are:

  • Starting turns with a wide parallel stance
  • Gaining more confidence on blue trails


Now you are able to link turns on green terrain with confidence and control your speed and turn shape. Your next goals to conquer are:

  • Moving toward more difficult terrain
  • Elementary, fun freestyle movements such as small jumps and ollies

Level 5


You can ski the blue trails with wide-stanced parallel turns. Now you want to learn to:

  • Develop independent leg actions
  • Steer both feet through turns


You have mastered all green terrain and begun exploring some of the easiest blue terrain. Now you’re ready to:

  • Shred more difficult blue terrain
  • Learn how to carve on green terrain
  • Introduce varying conditions
  • Improve switch riding

Level 6


You can ski parallel on smooth blue trails and use a pole plant when turning. Your next goals to check off are:

  • Skiing in a natural parallel stance
  • Meeting changes in snow conditions and terrain
  • Developing ability to carve more and skid less


You’re gaining confidence and begging to carve turns on blue terrain. Your next list of goals to check off are:

  • Increasing proficiency in varied conditions
  • Exploring terrain features

Level 7


At this level, you can ski parallel with a functional stance while controlling your speed and rhythm in small bumps on blue and easy black terrain. You can also carve effectively on blue terrain. At this point, you’ll learn to:

  • Control direction in varying conditions
  • control speed in varying conditions
  • Become more comfortable on entry-level black terrain


At this level, you are now skidding cross-under turns, riding and turning switch and riding terrain with small bumps. You are confident on all blue terrain and are ready to learn to:

  • Increase you ability to carve
  • Explore the easiest black terrain
  • Have fun exploring freestyle movements

Level 8


You can ski confidently on almost all terrain levels. Now you want to hone your skills and:

  • Develop your tactical skills
  • Explore the most difficult terrain


You are carving dynamically on all blue terrain and are now ready to:

  • Perform on black runs
  • Learn more advanced spins
  • Jump in the park
  • Take off and land switch
  • Carve in the bumps
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