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Ski Apache’s Snowfactory

Experience our cutting-edge snowmaking technology.  

Ski Apache uses a state-of-the-art snow machine to enhance our guest’s skiing and snowboarding experience. The snowmaker, called The Snowfactory, uses an innovative cooling technology that turns water into snow at any outdoor temperature, making it perfect for New Mexico’s warm climate. Commonly used at large European ski resorts, Ski Apache has one of two units currently operating in the United States. 

The Snowfactory can produce a high output of artificial snow around the clock and at temperatures up to 86℉ and with greater efficiency if the mercury falls below 59℉. Developed by TechnoAplin®, the machine just needs to be connected to a power source and water in order to produce high-quality snow, regardless of the outdoor conditions. It’s able to do this because the refrigeration circuit stays closed during the entire snowmaking process. The unit makes large, clean ice chips without any chemical additives, sending the resulting snow through a segmented hose, creating snow piles that melt about two-thirds slower than natural snow in warm conditions. 

Visit our premier ski resort to experience this incredible technology for yourself. 

Skip the Lines at Ski Apache with “Zas Pass”

Fast pass allows skiers to jump to the front of the line at lifts, rental shop and more

ALTO, N.M. (February 19, 2020) – Snow enthusiasts can now spend less time waiting in lines and more time racing down the slopes with the all-new Zas Pass at Ski Apache. The pass gives skiers and snowboarders the ability to skip to the front of the lines for the gondola and lifts, ski and board rentals, food and beverage as well as retail shops. 

“We’re excited to offer our guests the chance to enjoy Ski Apache with no limitations,” said Ken Marlatt, Ski Apache director of operations. “We created the Zas Pass so our most dedicated skiers and snowboarders could have the chance to get in more runs and experience as much of the mountain as possible on any given day.” 

With over 88 inches and counting this season, there has never been a better time to hit the slopes at Ski Apache. Featuring 55 trails accessible from 11 lifts, Ski Apache continues to be New Mexico’s premier ski resort offering unforgettable experiences at affordable prices. 

Zas Passes are now available to purchase. For more information on pricing, season passes, lift tickets or to check the snow report, visit

Ski Apache Announces November 29 Opening

Snow enthusiasts can take advantage of great conditions and new Stay and Play packages

With the first snowfall of the year blanketing the mountain, Ski Apache is set to open for the 2019-2020 winter season on Friday, Nov. 29 at 9 a.m.. Whether it’s hitting the slopes or flying down the mountain on the Apache Windrider ZipTour, there’s fun in store for the whole family in time for the holidays.

“We are coming off an epic winter last year and an incredibly fun summer, so we hope to keep that momentum going this season,” said Director of Operations Ken Marlatt. “We’ve got some great events planned and some new additions we couldn’t be more excited to share with the community, including our enhanced snow making capabilities that will help fill in some more edges when Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate.”

Ski Apache is best known for its mild winter temperatures and abundance of blue-bird skiing. The mountain’s high elevations, combined with its southerly latitude, gives the resort a unique advantage of seeing abundant snowfall but comfortable weather. It’s this promise of blue-bird days and superb snow conditions that lures skiers and riders from far and wide. The resort, owned by the Mescalero Apache Tribe, features 750 skiable acres across 55 runs accessed by 11 lifts and the only eight-passenger gondola in the state. Riders can check out the Apache Bowl at the mountain’s summit or either of two terrain parks at located halfway down and at the bottom of the mountain.

This season, Ski Apache is offering three different Stay and Play packages that include hotel accommodations, lift tickets and more with prices starting at $599.  Visit for complete package details and how to book your stay. For more information, snow reports or to purchase lift tickets, visit

Annual Torchlight Parade Returns to Ski Apache

Ski Apache is capping off the year with one of its most popular, free events of the winter season. The 12th annual Torchlight Parade will take place at the resort on Monday, Dec. 30 starting at 1 p.m.

Throughout the afternoon guests can enjoy live music, fry bread and hot cocoa on the patio of the Main Lodge. Then at dusk, the traditional Torchlight Parade begins. Torch bearing skiers will glide down the face of Capitan to the rhythm of a traditional Apache drum circle, leaving a trail of light behind them.

“The torchlight parade is one of our most beloved community traditions and we are excited to bring it back to the mountain this year,” said Ken Marlatt, director of operations at Ski Apache. For more information about events, mountain information or to purchase lift tickets and season passes, visit or call 1-575-464-3600.

10 Tips for Beginner Mountain Bikers

Are you just starting out with mountain biking in New Mexico? Launching into this intense sport can be a challenge at first. If you’re looking to learn more about mountain biking, read on for Ski Apache’s top essential tips for beginner bikers in the mountains of New Mexico.

1: Make Sure You Know Your Fitness Level

Different mountain biking trails and even the bikes themselves are suited to different riders. Treat mountain biking like interval training. If you try a trail that you are not prepared for, you can suffer serious injuries while riding. When you’re first starting out, pick trails that fit your fitness level and make sure to bring enough water on your ride.

2: Look Where You Want to Go

One of the biggest mistakes that novice mountain bikers make while on their first few rides is staring at the ground. Looking at the things you don’t want to hit will lead you right into them. Instead, look ahead to where you want to go. Look as far down the trail as possible and keep your chin parallel to the ground.

3: Always Wear Sunglasses

Mountain bikers don’t just wear sunglasses to look cool. Eyewear provides necessary protection against debris that will come flying at you on the trail. To avoid rocks, wind, dirt, and tree limbs, wear sunglasses whenever you ride.

4: Study Your Trails Before You Go

This tip goes hand in hand with knowing your fitness level. Before you try a new trail, visit your local bike shop or go online to find maps and trail advice for your new destination. You can match your trail choices to your fitness and skill levels and know where the Up and Down trails are before you go.

5: Practice Uphill Biking

Prepare your biking before you go. To practice riding uphill, get into a lower gear and put more power and frequency into your pedaling. Make sure that your tires have enough traction so it does not pop up.

6: Practice Downhill Biking

Downhill biking is another skill you want to master before you hit your first trail. Big downhills can be intimidating, but make sure to follow this key advice: look ahead at where you want to go and your bike will follow. Go into a higher gear to maintain stability while downhill biking.

7: Shift Your Weight in Rough Terrain

When you hit a rough patch of land while mountain biking in New Mexico, it can feel very intimidating. When going through extreme terrain, make sure to shift your weight forward to keep your center of gravity over your rear wheel in uphill situations. In downhill situations, shift your weight back.

8: Go Easy on Your Brakes

It can be very tempting to grab your brakes and pull them hard. This could knock you off balance. Mountain bike brakes are very powerful, so only use one or two fingers to control your speed.

9: Use All of Your Gears

Mountain bike trails go all over the place. You need your gears to control your bike over this uneven terrain, so make sure to use as many of them as you can. Anticipate changing your gears before you need to, so you can keep your momentum.

10: Trust Gravity

Riding a mountain bike can be scary, especially at fast speeds. However, don’t be afraid of using gravity to your advantage. Going too slow can make you trip or get stuck on an obstacle that you could easily glide over quickly. Use gravity to help guide you around obstacles on the trail.

Now that you know a little bit more about mountain biking in New Mexico, you can begin safely navigating the state’s breathtaking hills. If you’re looking for the pros who can help you with downhill biking and more, visit Ski Apache today!


Experience the Thrill of a Zipline Through the Sierra Blanca Mountains

Nature abounds with magnificent landmarks and terrain that most people never get to fully experience beyond the surface. For instance, the Sierra Blanca Mountains might be a pretty sight to see from a photo or from a distance, and hiking in this terrain might be a fun way to spend time, however, nothing beats the unique, gorgeous perspective and the sheer thrill of riding a zipline across the mountains at 11,489 feet. Ski Apache’s Wind Rider Zip Tour can provide you with such an exciting adventure.

A Memorable Experience

There’s no better experience than riding a zipline through the Sierra Blanca Mountains. Ziplining will give you a unique perspective of the natural scenery provided by the gorgeous mountain range you cannot get anywhere else. When you use one of the world’s longest ziplines, which reaches over 8,900 feet in length and provides around 1.5 hours of ziplining time, you will have plenty of time to take in the beauty and atmosphere associated with the Sierra Blanca Mountains.

At the same time, ziplining can also give you quite a rush as you master the heights to see the mountains yourself. With elevations of 11,489 feet and a speed of up to 65 mph, the thrill of using the highest zipline in the United States is unmatched. Ziplining is an adventure you can enjoy by yourself or you can share with your friends and family.  

Zipline Safety

Of course, to successfully zipline through the mountains, you must follow basic safety procedures and use the appropriate safety gear. You will need to wear appropriate clothing for outdoor activities in the current weather and be sure to wear closed-toe shoes. When you participate, you will wear a tight-fitting harness that attaches to the zipline trolley’s tether, and a helmet. Most trolleys have two tethers for extra safety. You will also receive some helpful information by qualified instructors on how to use the trolley handle to adjust the trolley’s speed, as well as hand signals to know when to speed up, slow down, or stop the trolley.

Make sure to learn these instructions to pass the required demo zipline test and operate the zipline trolley properly. With the right safety equipment and effective lessons, you can ensure an exciting and safe ziplining adventure. Make sure to make your reservations in advance by calling 575-464-3633.

Know the Terrain

Before embarking on your adrenaline-pumping ziplining adventure, you should know some information about the terrain. The zipline area, which extends up to 8,900 feet, is full of steep hills, paths full of twists and turns, and a large range of trees that extends throughout the area. A gondola and an ATV service will assist you going up the steep hills and astounding heights of up to 11,489 feet. During the winter, you can see powder-white snow blanket the Sierra Blanca Mountains, a sight that is rare in a dry, warm climate.

Experience the unique opportunity to explore the Sierra Blanca Mountains by taking the Apache Wind Rider Zip Tour, which offers one of the world’s longest ziplines and the highest zipline in the United States. Book a ticket for your ziplining adventure today. Advanced reservation required.