Ski Patrol & Safety

Safety is a prime concern of the Ski Apache Ski Area. The Ski Apache National Ski Patrol’s mission is to keep the skiers and snowboarders safe, respond to medical emergencies and provide customer service on the Mountain. Staying safe at Ski Apache is everyone’s responsibility. Whether you’re a seasoned black diamond rider or just beginning in snow sports, safety is an important part of enjoying the Mountain. Besides our Ski Patrol staff, there are approximately 80 volunteer National Ski Patrol members associated with Ski Apache. All salaried personnel are EMT qualified and the National Ski Patrol members are Outdoor Emergency Care qualified. Many of the National Ski Patrol personnel are also nurses, paramedics and doctors in their regular careers.  If you need to contact Ski Patrol, please call (575) 464-3621. Additionally Ski Patrol members participate in a safety and first aid refresher training course each year. If you’d like to consider becoming a member of the Ski Apache Ski Patrol , apply here. … and consider wearing a helmet when riding the slopes at Ski Apache. Please take the time to watch this informational video on skiier safety.