Summer at Ski Apache

Save your travel dollars this summer and and enjoy the beauty of Alpine peaks and mountains right here in your backyard. Where can you ride a gondola over green valleys passing by Alpine peaks, then get a little shopping in and have a delicious lunch while taking in panoramic vistas and World class views at a mountain-top Gazebo? Well there is Switzerland of course…… ! Then again, there is Sierra Blanca and Ski Apache – a World of their own! You can get to this remarkable World traveling with your family in the comfort of your car. Come to Ski Apache and Sierra Blanca this summer and have a taste of the Alps at the “Switzerland of the Southwest.” Take in an Alpine peak that soars above 12,000 feet (nearly 3,700 meters) – so high it has it’s own weather system; that’s right – mountains so high that in the winter they generate many feet of snow as if in the Alps of Europe. This Summer enjoy a mountainous cool climate nurtured by an annual rainfall suitable to feed three mountain streams and keep the surrounding meadows and forests in spectacular hues of green. Animal life thrives in these mountains; and while they may stay out of sight, it is great to know they are here in abundant numbers in a bountiful environment; then again, you might have a sighting of some of this very special wildlife! These mountainous areas are ancient sacred places for the Apache and Mescalero Tribes and Familial Bands. You can taste the air of a proud history! It will be an adventure for sure; the drive up the mountain is World famous and spectacular; and you will pass by no less than seven ecological environments. Can you count them all? Come and see at Ski Apache!

Opening May 23rd, 2014.